Georgia Tech Events Reservation System


The Georgia Tech Event Management System allows users to request classroom and event space in many buildings and outdoor venues on campus. Members of the Georgia Tech community can log into GT Events with their Georgia Tech User ID and Password. The site also offers a list of academic classes, lectures, and events taking place across campus.

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How to Reserve a Room

  1. Login using your GT User ID & Password.
  2. Go to “Request Space Now” tab.
  3. Choose appropriate request for.
    • Note: Individual students, staff & faculty may see different forms.
  4. Under the “When & Where” box, fill in required fields and then click the “Find Space” button.
    • Note: Selecting a specific building under the facilities drop-down list will limit your search to that building only.
  5. From the list of available spaces, click on the green + sign next to the space of your choice and click the “next” button.
  6. Fill out Event Details information. Required fields are denoted with a red*.
  7. Review Terms & Conditions and Click “Submit.”
  8. Review your reservation request details.
    • Note: Unless your booking status says “Confirmed,” your request is still pending. Approved requests will receive a confirmation via email.

Who May Reserve a Room

Officially chartered GT student organizations may reserve space in most buildings on campus, including the Student Center; however, only individuals whose organizations have specifically given them room reservation privileges in JacketPages will be able to reserve space on behalf of that particular student group. Student Organization presidents wishing to add space reservation privileges for an individual organization member may do so via the JacketPages website.
GT Staff and Faculty may reserve space under their individual department names. Simple select your department name from the drop-down list in the "Group" field, then select your name in the "1st Contact" field.

Finally, with the exception of the Student Center, all GT Students may reserve campus space as an individual; no student group affiliation is needed. To do so, students must reserve space under the group titled “student” and then type his or her name as a temporary contact. Individual building policies may differ.