Georgia Tech Events Reservation System

Account requests will be processed within three business days of the request. This does not mean that your account will be activated. The process is different for different kinds of accounts. Please read below for any questions.

Student Groups:

  • Student Organizations must have a current, valid Georgia Tech Charter. If your group does not appear on the Student Involvement website, then it does not have a current charter. You should include an explanation in this case, but you will not be registered under a Student account.
  • Student Group leadership, as listed under the leadership information for that group on the Student Involvement website, will automatically be approved. Requests received for accounts not from listed leadership will be subject to the approval of that group's listed President. No accounts will be approved without authorized approval from group leadership.


  • Any user who has an email address registered with a Georgia Tech department will be immediately approved. For example, will immediately be approved for a Student Center account.
  • Any person who can be verified as leadership for any other department group will immediately be authorized.
  • Any other person will be contacted for more information, or an email will be sent to department leadership requesting authorization for your account.

Business or other Non-Georgia Tech organizations:

  • Users requesting an account for a group not immediately affiliated with Georgia Tech must provide a valid mailing address, phone number, email, and a preferred method of payment.
  • Unaffiliated accounts will be put on a room billing plan that will not immediately fit all reservations. In some cases, rooms can be reserved without Event Services oversight. In these cases especially, it is the responsibility of the user to contact Event Services to have the rate adjusted for each reservation.

Note: No account will be activated without a valid organization mailing address and phone number. All users must have authorization from organizational leadership.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:
    Jonathan Etress
    Event Coordinator
    (404) 894-2804

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